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Patient Testimonials

If you’re looking for a serene dental experience, don’t look any further! Read our clients’ experiences and see why we are considered the best dental office in the South Bay!

One of my crown came out of my tooth. I call my dentist office up ,she said come now. So I saw my great Dentist. He is fast and ifition. He will take care of your teeth in a scound. I see many Dentist but not like DR Hashimoto Lawrence. I am impressed every I have appointment. If you need to get your teeth fix. Please see Dr Hashimoto Lawrence.

Tig S.

Best dentist ever! Dr. Hashimoto is one of the most caring & conscientious dentists I have ever met. Unlike most dentists, Dr. Hashimoto does his patient's cleanings himself so you don't have to engage with a separate dental hygienist. His office is conveniently located on the ground level with plenty of parking.

Julie M.

So far I have had the Best dental journey with the things that I needed to fix. I'm so happy I was able to see this Dentist. I feel like I'm in good knowledgeable friendly hands and was put at ease because... I went to another place before while new to the area... and I'm happy I found Dr.Hashimoto. You can tell he's a seasoned professional.

Mandy V.

Dr. Hashimoto is an Excellent Dentist My family has been patients for more than 30 years. His work is gentle and precise. He doesn't recommend unwarranted services, and he and his staff are friendly and professional. I tried other dentist for convenience, I and was greatly disappointed. Thanks Dr. Hashimoto

Tee T.

I am a new patient, and I'm very impressed by Dr. Hashimoto. He's kind, very accommodating. He would tell you all possible solutions treatment, for me that is honesty, compare to other dentist they just want your money. and the Staff are friendly. This is the dentist i'm looking for. Good job, Doc. see you on my next appointment.

C V.

Dr. Hashimoto and his staff are amazing! I had a 10:00 AM appointment and had minimal paperwork to fill out, I was seen right away and my cleaning was just about pain-free. He was quick, efficient and didn't try to sell me on any unnecessary procedures (like some other dentist offices I had been to before I found Dr. Hashimoto!) His office also fit my husband in for emergency work within a couple of business days. We will definitely continue to see Dr. Hashimoto. He is great!

Pamela B.

After years of not going to a dentist, Chris Kim decided to give this place a shot. A big reason for choosing this dentistry is they accept dental plans and also the guys name is Japanese and Chris Kim thinks Japanese are nice and honorable people so Chris Kim bet on this guy. The Dr. was nice and seemed like a man of integrity and did not try to cheat Chris Kim out of unnecessary procedures. X-rays, cleaning & crown done fast and easy. This guy gets booked pretty easy.

Chris K.

I am a new patient who is very impressed by Dr. Hashimoto. His office got me in quickly to address a chipped tooth. He listened to my concerns, worked quickly and efficiently, but at the same time was considerate and gentle -- and my new crown fits perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that he does teeth cleaning himself and it was the first time that I was not horribly uncomfortable during the process. His staff is also very pleasant and accommodating. I highly recommend him.

Marcy T.

This dentist is the BEST!! I broke a tooth and had to get in to have it looked at, my appointment was prompt on my busy time schedule. I needed a crown and he was very kind to me asking if I was ok while he was drilling. He is the most gentleness dentist that i have ever had. My family has been going to him for over 15 years and I always recommend him when I can. The staff is terrific too, Candice & Bahia long time employees.


I just came back from his office today for my semi-annual teeth cleaning. I've been going here for just a few years now and I love the fact that the dentist himself does the cleaning, not a hygienist. He's kind, gentle and while personable, isn't the type of guy to talk your ear off while he's got the suction-thingy hanging out the corner of your mouth. He doesn't upsell you on stuff. I've had my whitening trays done by him and also some tooth bonding. He's detail oriented and I really like the good care he takes.

Karen W.
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