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Root Canals [Endodontics]

Root canals often bear an undeserved negative reputation. However, don’t be swayed by hearsay; the dreaded notion of a root canal is far from dreadful! Root canals become necessary when the inner part of a tooth (the pulp) becomes infected due to decay or injury. During the initial stages of infection, you might not experience any discomfort. As the infection progresses, you could encounter a toothache, swelling, or the formation of a dental abscess. Root canals are performed to eliminate the infection and thwart its spread. Thanks to laser technology, modern root canals are swifter, more comfortable, and frequently more comprehensive than conventional methods.

Pulp capping presents an alternative to root canals, suited for cases where the infection hasn’t yet infiltrated the pulp. Additionally, it can prevent a large dental filling from approaching the nerve too closely.

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